Reflux is when a baby brings up milk or formula during or just after feeding. It is also known as spitting up or posseting. Reflux is not the same as vomiting because reflux doesn’t require any effort. Vomiting on the other hand involves forceful muscular contractions.

The condition is very common as it is usually because the baby's food pipe is not yet fully developed. Most babies will no longer have reflux by the time they are a year old. If your baby is otherwise happy and healthy and is gaining weight as they should then it is unlikely to be a cause for concern.

As well as the spitting up of milk or formula, the signs of reflux include gagging, choking or refusing feeds, persistent hiccupping or coughing, crying while feeding or crying excessively, and frequent ear infections. If your baby has any of these signs or is vomiting, has blood in their poo, has a swollen or tender tummy, a high temperature or is losing or not gaining weight, then you should speak to your doctor. They may give you some feeding advice to help or, if they think there is an underlying cause, you may be recommended some treatment for your baby. You should also speak to your doctor if your baby’s reflux doesn’t start until after 6 months of age or if it continues beyond one year.

Always seek advice from your doctor if you are worried about the health of your baby.